Who we are

Agrotécnica Los Antonios, in business since 1967

Agrotécnica Los Antonios, machinery manufacturers, have been contributing to the development of Tauste and the entire district for many years, not only through the permanent employment we provide, but also through the support we offer to the growth of other workshops and companies for which we manufacture parts and components for use in their own products.

Our contribution is also through the type of machinery we manufacture, which is destined for the endangered agricultural sector, for which the most important contribution that can be made is reducing costs.

If you would like to meet us in person, you are welcome to visit us:

C/ Santa Engracia s/n,  50660,  Tauste (Zaragoza) (Spain)

Tel No: +34 976 85 40 19   // +34 976 85 44 75     Fax: +34 976 85 53 02


In 1967, when the concept of entrepreneurship did not yet exist, two determined men, Antonio Gimenez and Antonio Lasala, decided to start a business manufacturing agricultural machinery.

Although in its inception, it was more of a repair shop that an actual manufacturing company. The change came with a privileged view of the world of agriculture and the great professionalism with which they worked to produce the first laser-guided land grader in 1980. Their development was of great assistance to agriculture and contributed to lowering the costs of earthmoving.

Since that time, the imprint the founders left on the company have led us to look to constant development as we adapt all our products to the current market, and to the needs of each of our customers. We endlessly to offer increasingly greater service. And this has allowed us to enter the front ranks of a competitive market, both domestic and international.

At Agrotécnica Los Antonios, we are dedicated exclusively to the manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery, specialising in earthmoving. Our network of distributors and technical service covers the whole of Spain.

Our facilities

Agrotécnica Los Antonios has facilities covering an area of 5,000 m2, divided into seven buildings that are perfectly equipped to manufacture and distribute agricultural machinery specialising in land levelling.

  • Production and Machining building
  • Showroom
  • Paint shop
  • Hydraulics, Finishing and Quality Control
  • Machined Parts Warehouse
  • Outsize Parts Warehouse
  • Offices:
    • Accounting
    • Design
    • Export
    • Purchasing
    • Sales

Facilities and resources with a single purpose:

«To offer our customers the best machinery solutions for earthmoving and land levelling.»

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