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A great team of people and professionals

The human factor of a company is its most important asset, even more so in today’s knowledge and information society, in which people have become the company’s core asset. In this context, a group of professionals who understand each other and are used to working in a team is one of the most important conditions required for the successful development of studies and projects.

The team at Agrotécnical Los Antonios is perfectly integrated into the structure of the company, and is characterised by its great commitment to integrity, teamwork and specialised training. The high level of flexibility and multi-disciplinary qualifications of our professionals allow us to meet the challenges that arise daily with the great diligence and reliability.

Los Antonios - Construction


Agrotécnica Los Antonios was honoured at the 4TH EDITION OF THE CINCO VILLAS BUSINESS AWARDS with an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF OUR LIFETIME BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENTS. The award was presented in Tauste on 17 April 2007.

The Casino Principal of Tauste was the venue for the 4th Edition of the Cinco Villas Business Awards, a yearly even organised by the Conco Villas Business Association (AECV). The finalists for the awards at the 4th edition were the companies Construcciones Bardenas S.Coop. – Proconbar SL, a development company from Ejea dedicated to the building and sale of homes of industrial buildings; e_Media, a company based in Ejea devoted to the design and provision of IT services; and Talleres Los Antonios SC, a company located in Tauste focusing its activity on the manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery.

The purpose of these awards is to publicly reward the labour that many businesses in the Cinco Villas district have been performing over the years and their contribution to the development of our land. This event has acquired a particular socila and economic prestige in the district. The candidates are evaluated taking into account their lifetime achievements, contribution to the economic development of the region, innovation, commitment to quality and, finally, the publicity they bring to the district.

The event was headed by the regional Minister of Industry, Economy and Tourism of Aragon, Arturo Aliaga; the President of the Provincial Council of Zaragoza, Javier Lambán; the President of the Cinco Villas District Council, Eduardo Alonso; the mayor of Tauste, José Luis Pola; and the Chairman of the AECV, Mariano Gallizo.


One of the most important aspects of our company is that we work closely with our customers. This proximity means that we can be guided by our customers and to understand their needs, allowing us to offer them solutions and assist them with their implementation.


At Agrotécnica Los Antonios, we do not only want to known as a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural machinery, we also want to be the solution for our customers for all their needs related to earthmoving, land levelling and any other needs that they may have in this regard. We’ve been in this business for more than 40 years.


The experience gained over more than 40 years of work has allowed us to have a broad outlook on the industry, making us fully aware of the needs of our customers and encouraging us to innovate with products so as to offer them new solutions. Our team of professionals, specialising in earthmoving and land levelling, is at your service.


Innovation, research and the development of new products has made us pioneers in the market at implementing state-of-the-art technology to machinery to optimise earthmoving and land levelling. Our innovative nature allows us to adapt to our customers’ needs with the required versatility and flexibility in order to present suitable solutions.

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