Land Scrapers

Scrapers normally pulled by a farm tractor to perform different levelling works for agricultural land, reservoirs, roads, etc.. Their operation works by cutting and scraping the soil, which is loaded into a specifically designed bowl. Once loaded, the soil can be carried to its destination and unloaded; it can also be spread out at the same time if required.

Los Antonios scrapers are hitched to a tractor in the same way as a plough, and are easy to manoeuvre. This makes them much more economical, and they cost practically nothing to maintain.

Depending on the power of the tractor and the task for which it is to be used, there are different types of scrapers:


Hydraulic push scrapers are designed for the most powerful tractors. Agrotécnica Los Antonios have developed a very wide range for a greater diversity of tractor power, with a load capacity of between 1 m3 and 16 m3 for tractors powered from 24 hp up to 450/500 hp.


Tipping scrapers are used for tractors up to 140 hp, and for tasks covering widths of between 2.10 and 2.50 m. Their design is simpler than that of push scrapers. They are especially designed for small and simple agricultural earthmoving tasks.


Designed for orchard and vineyard tractors, these scrapers have a smaller capacity and are adapted to the rows between vines and trees, which are usually 1.60–2 m wide. They have a load capacity of between 1 m3 and 2 m3.

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